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Phone Recording    219-938-7070 (24-hr business line)

Calling the Crisis Center is a easy and convinient:

Monday - Friday, when you call, you'll hear our convenient auto-attendant which allows you to listen to all the options and choose the department you wish...

However, if you already know your option number or extension, you can dial it at ANYTIME.

Also, for immediate assistant,

you can dial 0 from ANY MENU, ANY TIME!

For your convenience, we're detailing below exactly how our auto-attendant recording plays.

Remember, you can press zero (0) anytime from any menu for immediate assistance.  You will never "get stuck" in the menus.


Welcome, and thank you for calling the Crisis Center

You may dial your party's extension or option at any time

Or press the pound key for a first & last name directory

For immediate assistance, or if you're calling from a safe place site, press zero at any time, from any menu.

For the Alternative House: Press 1

For Counseling Services: Press 2

For the Safe Place Program: Press 3

For the Crisis Contact* or Reassurance Contact Program: Press 4

*our Crisis Contact help line is a separate number; please hang up and dial: 938.0900 or 800-273-TALK

For the Teen Court Program: Press 5

For Administration & Fundraising: press 6

(includes options for: purchasing, transportation, Secretary, Exec. Director, Assoc. Director, accounts payable, wine fest, tech support, records)

For the Crisis Center's fax number, hours, physical or web address or directions: Press 7

Please choose an option at this time, or stay on the line to be connected to the operator

The Crisis Center's exhibit can be seen at many public health fairs, school summits, and other events throughout the year. 

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