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Crisis Center Programs Overview

The Crisis Center’s philosophy is that

“people are important,” that “people can change”and “crisis events are opportunities for change.

Safe Place/Safely Home

Safe Place has provided outreach to youth in crisis since 1987. Businesses cooperate with the Crisis Center to help youth to safety. Businesses display a Safe Place sign indicating they are willing to assist youth. Crisis Center staff retrieve youth from the site and transport to safety at Alternative House.

Safely Home is a cooperative effort by the Crisis Center and police safety officers to help youth who are pushed out, left home or on the streets achieve safety and return home.

The Crisis Center is now a provider for The Indiana Trafficking Victim Assistance Program (ITVAP) works to identify and provide comprehensive services to youth (under 21) victims of trafficking or sexual exploitation.
Within each of the ten regions, victim services networks will be identified or established to appropriately respond to trafficked victims and/or make appropriate referrals to services, benefits and programs for which they are eligible.
ITVAP will partner with existing IPATH task forces, the Indiana State Police, the 30 youth services bureaus, including the Crisis Center and 18 current Safe Place programs, including the Crisis Center’s Safe Place program across the state to strengthen services already available and work to establish a network of services where none currently exists


Alternative House/Promises

Alternative House is an emergency shelter for boys and girls, ages 10 to 18, who are runaways, homeless, abused or neglected and need help to resolve problems and successfully return home or to an alternative, safe living situation.

The program celebrated 40 years 2016.

Our M.S.W. counseling staff provides group, individual and family counseling at no cost while the youth is in residence at Alternative House.

“Promises” is the open residential, long term care program at Alternative House that offers youth a caring, structured therapeutic environment, transportation to and from school, skills training, case management and support to prepare them for their next steps in life.

Youth referred by the Department of Child Services may be between the ages of 10 to 20, males and females.

Young people may be referred from throughout Indiana.


Teen Court

Teen Court helps youth become responsible citizens. It is a prevention and early intervention program for young people who have committed an offense for which they have been referred by their school or local police department. Youth appear before a court of their peers who determine the appropriate sentence that may include restitution, essays, apologies, community service or other creative sentences. Follow-up continues to assure sentence completion. Over 20 years of outcome determination indicates that 87% of youth do not re-offend. Teen Court is currently held at the Lake Superior Court, Crown Point, Hammond City Court and Portage City Court.



Crisis Contact Hotline

Fast, free telephone responses to problems is the goal of Crisis Contact. Staff have been trained to respond with kindness and concern for callers who may be seeking information on resources or who are lonely or upset and just need a friendly voice. Crisis Contact is also linked to the national suicide prevention telephone lines. Crisis Contact may be reached at (219) 938-0900 or a toll free number 800-519-0469.

Counseling Services

M.S.W. staff respond to the needs of youth and families at Alternative House, our emergency shelter. They schedule appointments for community clients who need to talk through individual, couple or family concerns. The initial intake appointment is at no cost.


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The Crisis Center is an equal opportunity provider.

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