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Emergency Shelter


Alternative House is a place where  children and youth can receive temporary shelter and safely work through  family problems that have separated them.  Males, Females ages 10 up to  their 18th birthday who may have endured abuse or neglect, or may have  been homeless, a runaway, or have been pushed out of their home.  Whatever the cause, they are in crisis. They may be scared and lonely,  have serious problems and limited resources to deal with them.  While at  the emergency shelter, youth receive individual, group and family  counseling; transportation to and from their home school every day of  the school year; and recreation. Efforts are made to resolve the  situation that brought them to Alternative House.

Open Residential

“Promises” is the open residential, long term care  program at Alternative House that offers youth a caring, structured  therapeutic environment, transportation to and from school, skills  training, case management and support to prepare them for their next  steps in life. 

Youth referred by the Department of Child Services may be  between the ages of 10 to 20, males and females. Young people may be  referred from throughout Indiana. 

Download a copy of the Promises brochure with instructions for referrals below.

Program Outcomes and Support

Follow-up calls have been made since 1992 to determine the outcomes for kids after they leave. In 2005, 99% were reported as doing well or moderately well 51% were back home 97% were in school 48% were in counseling. Outcome measures done from 1998-2004 by an outside consultant indicated that Alternative House achieved the highest satisfaction and concluded that "The Crisis Center (Alternative House) provides a safe and therapeutic place for children to be placed temporarily."

 Alternative House provides time and space to think, find alternatives and make choices. Supportive staff, professional counseling, and problem-solving help can make the difference in a young life. Our goal is to set youth on a path to a happier future.  After all, you only get to be a child...once. 

Brenda Comer, MSW, LCSW, LCAC - Director


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