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What is Teen Court?

Teen Court is a youth development project that invests youth in citizenship. Youth volunteers act as jurors, bailiffs, clerks, defense and prosecuting attorneys, and determine the sentence for juvenile offenders referred by police, school SRO's, retail stores, and school officials.

Sentences require community service, restitution, apologies or other learning opportunities. Over 30 years of outcomes proves kids who go through Teen Court don't get into trouble again. 

Teen Court emphasizes positive youth development.

Program Eligibility: Males, Females, Ages 10-17 (18 if birthday is during process) who plead guilty to a misdemeanor or school offense.

Where is Teen Court

Police departments, schools, and retail stores in Whiting, East Chicago, and Hammond can refer to the Teen Court held at the Hammond City Court located at 5925 Calumet Ave. (across from Hammond High School). Participants should enter through the back, and proceed to the 2nd-floor Judge Jorgensen's courtroom.

Police Departments and Schools in all other cities in Lake County (except Whiting, EC, Hammond) can refer to the Crown Point Court at the Lake County Government Center - 2293 N. Main St. in Crown Point. Participants should go to Building "A" Judge Cantrell's courtroom.

Portage and Porter County referrals should inquire first with Sandra Porter-Philips at (219) 938-7070 ext. 2741.

Program Managers: Gavin Mariano, B.A., MSW, LSW - Sandra Porter-Phillips, M.S

For more information on Teen Court, held in Hammond, contact Christian Espino at (219) 938-7070 dial 0 cespino@crisiscenterysb.org

Teen Court held in Crown Point or Portage, contact Sandra Porter-Phillips at (219) 938-7070 ext. 2741  sphillips@crisiscenterysb.org